ITT NASA Space Shuttle – Tracking Telescope Optimization

Optikos ITT Tracking Telescope Case Study

ITT is responsible for five NASA Space Shuttle tracking telescope systems at the launch site in Cape Canaveral Florida. These telescopes, called ATOTS, MIGOR, and DOAMS are used for various types of downrange imaging of shuttle launches. The telescopes were exhibiting less than optimal imaging … [Read more...]

Competitive Benchmarking

Surgeon using a microscope

  The customer wanted to develop a competitive benchmark of a sampling of available surgical microscopes and relate it to a subjective evaluation by physicians. Optikos developed a test plan that included both radiometric and image quality metrics that captured the relevant imaging performance … [Read more...]

A Problem Lens

Lens aperture camera lens

  The customer had sourced a lens that satisfied its written specification but it did not result in satisfactory imaging. The customer was also unable to describe to its supplier how the lens needed to be improved. Optikos reviewed the system requirements and the details of the optical and … [Read more...]

Improving Illumination Of Navigational Lighting

Military Vessel at night

The customer had taken on a contract to produce a new type of navigational lighting for marine applications. Initial testing of their design indicated that it did not satisfy US Coast Guard brightness and angular visibility requirements. Optikos worked with the customer so that the product … [Read more...]

Reinvigorating A Consumer Product Line

Discovery Viewer children's toy Fisher Price

  When Fisher-Price procured the legendary ViewMaster® product line, they wanted to bring additional play value to the product line. The challenge was to reinvigorate an optically-based consumer product for the toy market and meet aggressive cost-performance targets. The product needed to provide … [Read more...]

A Low-Cost Digital Colonoscope


  The customer needed to develop a single-use digital imaging systems that could be cost competitive with conventional colonoscopic imaging. In the late 1990s, Optikos recognized that the cost of high brightness LEDs, CMOS imagers, and plastic optical components would soon allow extremely … [Read more...]

Life Sciences

A customer required a microscopy system with the unique capability of programming the spectral content of the illumination. The primary application for this instrument is research and development of diseased tissue pathology. Optikos invented a high-speed, electronically programmable light engine … [Read more...]

Saving the Bacon – A Lens That Will Not Work

Helicopter cockpit

The customer brought a prototype anamorphic lens to our facility that did not satisfy its MTF specification. The customer had been to numerous optical facilities across the country and had been unable to improve its performance. Optikos reviewed the system requirements and the details of the optical … [Read more...]

A Custom Twyman-Green MWIR Interferometer

Microsoft Word - Micro-OpTest Spec Sheet.doc

  A customer's production of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) infrared optical systems required in-situ testing of the assemblies. The requirement called for delivery of an interferometric test beam into the large focal plane pod mounted or fixture mounted electro-optical … [Read more...]

A Problem Lens in Defense/Aerospace


A customer was awarded a contract to build 100+ LWIR optic modules. The customer had no experience with the alignment and testing optical assemblies. The customer subcontracted Optikos to assemble, align, and test the LWIR optic modules. Optikos reviewed the documentation package and determined … [Read more...]

A Pricing Exercise


The customer wanted to benchmark their internal production costs against industry competitors. Optikos was provided with a set of desired manufacturing optical tolerances and an optical model of a baseline lens system. Optikos used the optical model and the tolerances to generate tolerance lens … [Read more...]

Cardioport Design and Manufacture


Drs. Vasilyev and del Nido at Children’s Hospital Boston have developed a novel, prototype cardioport for beating heart, image guided intracardiac surgery for pediatric patients. This device incorporates an endoscope and a prototype viewing window.  The design of the prototype window distorted a … [Read more...]

Fixing a Flawed Barcode Scanner Development Effort

Barcode Scanner

The customer's new product was released to manufacturing and the initial builds did not perform satisfactorily. Optikos reviewed the product specification and design. They inspected vendor supplied piece parts and discovered that the radiometry of the design and the optical performance are … [Read more...]

Testing a Heads Up Display With Multi-Sensor Fusion


The customer designs and fabricates multi-spectral heads up data fusion displays. Unfortunately, they do not have any capability for testing the assembled unit. Optikos reviewed the technical specification and quickly assembled the fixturing and metrology apparatus to assure that the unit … [Read more...]

Night Vision Consumer Product


 In the late 1990s, Optikos engineers anticipated the coming wave of low-cost CMOS images and associated displays. As a result, Optikos developed and patented (US patent 7,064,327 B2)  a low-cost night vision consumer product that working with Gamma Millennium Technologies  has  been licensed to … [Read more...]

Infrared Radiometer


  Need a reliable, accurate instrument to radiometrically calibrate MRDT / NETD test stations used in the manufacture of LWIR and MWIR Thermal Cameras; Must be easy to use and have the ability to self- calibrate to allow annual re-calibration of these test stations. The robust Optikos RAD-900 … [Read more...]

Gene Sequencing System


Problem Customer has developed a flow cell based genome sequencing instrument intended for medium volume production.  The Electro-Optical subsystems include: Illumination – Multiple Lasers with complex beam shaping were used to evenly illuminate the object plane of a TIRFM (Total Internal … [Read more...]