Measuring Folded Optics

Technology is constantly evolving, and as it does, the strain and need for cutting-edge optics grows. As manufacturers strive to make infrared cameras smaller and smaller, they often employ a folded optical system in which the optical axis of the front of the lens is not on the same line as the optical axis exiting the lens. This often leads to an image plane that is folded 90-degrees to the front of the lens. This fold can be in either the horizontal or vertical plane. Optikos developed the SD-800 and SD-900 image analyzers to easily access these folded image plane locations. The design challenges included implementing accurate rotation in two axes: one to rotate to four viewing positions (up, down, left, and right), and one to rotate the scan aperture between the tangential and sagittal planes, all while minimizing boresite and piston error.

Testing optics effectively is what we do best–and our products are designed for maximum performance.  Our team works to remain up-to-date with the latest technologies to ensure our metrology systems can handle any optical testing challenge–even folded optics. These evolving customer requirements drove us to develop the SD-800/900 for testing folded optics on our OpTest® Lens Measurement System.










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