Optics And Design for Fluorescent Imaging

Our client was creating a highly sensitive fluorescent imaging system for biomedical use, and Optikos was contacted to develop the mechanical design. The client had already selected their lens supplier, but did not have specific experience in this type of vendor selection and optical testing results from the original lenses were subpar. We performed measurements on the mechanics and the optics and found the optics to be out of spec, so we notified our customer about the issue and contacted one of our trusted suppliers to ensure delivery of optimal lenses. Our team was able to obtain the new lenses very quickly, and the system subsequently performed exactly as the customer needed with the new components and mechanical design.

Our ability to design, build and test all types of optical systems–paired with our robust supply chain with some of the best suppliers in the industry–enabled us to provide our client with exceptional hardware that met the specific needs and quality demanded by their imaging system.






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