Superior Imaging and Control during Surgery

Platform Imaging Demo at Photonics West

Platform Imaging approached Optikos during the prototype design phase of their Visibot Visualization System, a device that is being commercialized for minimally invasive surgery. It includes two main components, connected by a small tether:

1) An insertable camera module with high definition camera, integrated LED’s for illumination, lens wash nozzle, and pan and tilt functionality; and

2)  A controller box with a computer and a user interface. The computer houses image processing software, tool tracking software for automation of pan and tilt, and a touch panel for displaying the image and controlling system functions.

The surgeon inserts both a camera and surgical tool in the patient’s abdomen through one laparoscopic trocar, and positions the camera in the optimal position for viewing the surgical site. The camera module pans and tilts to follow the tool controlled by the surgeon’s dominant hand. This Platform Imaging proprietary “tool tracking” software automation is a key feature and is based on licensed intellectual property from Columbia University.

Optikos developed the opto-mechanics for the disposable, single-use camera module to provide superior image quality at a reduced cost, and delivered Platform Imaging’s first prototype—combining camera and robotics for simultaneous movement.






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