Cardioport Prototype for Open-Heart Surgery


Dr. del Nido and Dr. Vasilyev at Boston Children’s Hospital developed a novel, prototype cardioport for beating heart, image-guided intracardiac surgery for pediatric patients. The device incorporated an endoscope and a prototype viewing window, but the design of the prototype window distorted a portion of the endoscope’s field of view critical to the surgical procedure.

The Technology and Innovation Development Office of Children’s Hospital Boston selected Optikos to assist in the redesign and development of the cardioport imaging window. Optikos was provided mechanical models and optical specifications of the existing prototype, and we used this data to develop an optical model of the imaging system.

The optical challenge was not unlike that of designing an aerodynamic window in which an optical system line of sight passes obliquely through the 3 dimensionally shaped windows.  The model was then used as the starting point to an effort to improve the imaging performance of the window design while not affecting other physical performance characteristics of the system. Optikos supplied prototype components of the new design and multiple prototype assemblies to the customer.

With these new prototype cardioports, Drs. Vasilyev and del Nido were able to continue the development of their surgical procedure.


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