Production Testing of Guidance Systems

Our defense client is a high volume manufacturer of defense electro-optical systems and wanted to develop a flexible test station that would provide an automated capability to test a variety of guidance systems with a broad range of performance requirements and a very unique physical configuration.

Optikos designed, developed, and delivered an advanced, large scale, remotely operated production guidance system testing platform. The system included multiple load stations for high production throughput, a calibrated variable laser light source with over 9 decades of signal attenuation, and a high quality all-reflective collimator with signal and polarization uniformity of less than 10% throughout its 8″ test aperture. Using this test platform, the customer was able to achieve full-scale and automated testing of advanced electro-optical guidance systems.

The customer has replaced multiple, manually operated test platforms with the Optikos production test system. The optical performance and mechanical integrity of the system has surpassed all previous test platforms. It improved testing cycle times and reduced overall operational expenses for various guidance system configurations.



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