A New ViewMaster® Meets Cost and Quality Goals


When Fisher-Price procured the legendary ViewMaster® product line, they wanted to bring additional play value to the product. The challenge was to rejuvenate an optically-based consumer product for the toy market while providing excellent viewing quality and meeting aggressive cost-performance targets.

Optikos developed, patented, and licensed to Fisher-Price a new type of viewer that combined a binocular optics with a ViewMaster® image disc. Since the ViewMaster® slides were viewed by reflection off a mirror; new discs were required to achieve proper stereo imaging. The aggressive product cost targets were achieved by using plastic optical components, an off-shore manufacturing solution.

Along with a tie-in with the Discovery Channel, the Fisher-Price Discovery Viewer reinvigorated the ViewMaster® product line bringing a true adventure and discovery legacy product to a new generation of children.


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