Electro-Optical Manufacturing

Optikos offers access to its engineering and manufacturing capabilities so our customers can take advantage of the Optikos comprehensive manufacturing infrastructure. Whether you need optical assembly or a sophisticated electro-optical fluorescence measurement system, we can satisfy your requirements.

  • Delivery of designs, prototypes and production electro-optical systems.
  • Outsourcing manufacturing plans and documentation.
  • In-house engineering and testing supports production.
  • ISO 9001:2008 certification and excellent on-time delivery record
  • Material and Supply Chain Management

Manufacturing Process

Our experienced engineers and skilled technicians act as an extension of your manufacturing department and will work with you to develop your idea on schedule and within budget.  No matter how unusual your optical requirement, we have the imagination to provide a working solution.

We design precision opto-mechanical assemblies for the commercial, industrial, bio-medical and defense industries. Not only can Optikos provide you with top-notch optical solutions, we can handle virtually every aspect of your project.

The Optikos incorporation of lean concepts, detailed work instructions,  and knowledge of material and supply chain management allow us to streamline, enhance, and support your project’s development.


Our People

The Optikos engineering team is the largest independent optical engineering group in the world. The team includes individuals with broad engineering design skills and decades of experience ranging from Ph.Ds. to highly skilled optical technicians.  The team is equipped with the latest optical and mechanical design tools to provide electro-optical design services to both our in-house product development activities and external customers.

In the highly specialized discipline of optical engineering there is simply no substitute for experience and teamwork.  A successful project requires the close interaction of competent optical, mechanical, electronic and industrial designers. They must have the support of a strong technical staff with access to a wide range of test equipment and fabrication machinery.  This is precisely what you will find at Optikos.