Optical Performance Quality in Virtual and Augmented Reality Creates Extraordinary Experiences

Although VR/AR is widely known in gaming, it has also become an integral technology for countless other challenging applications. For example, it's used in

  • Military training situations (flight simulation, battlefield medics, combat, boot camp)
  • Healthcare (robotic surgery, diagnostics, simulation)
  • Auto prototyping
  • Sports training and performance--and much more.

Optikos has a long history designing virtual and augmented reality optics and metrology equipment (see early patent on Video Headset), and understands the role that optics plays in differentiating the experience offered among head-mounted displays (HMD's) currently on the market.

Our experience in this technology includes a broad range of engineering design and metrology solutions for state-of-the-art virtual reality optics for consumer markets; and our team brings combined skills in optical, mechanical, systems and software engineering, as well as concentrations in medical and physiological optics.

Optikos can assist in bringing new devices to market, including meeting technological challenges associated with product prototype, production manufacturing, testing protocol and metrics. For more information, complete our contact form or call us at +1 617-354-7557.


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