Optically-based Solutions in Medical Devices and Diagnostics Help Improve Patient Outcomes

Optics and photonics are enabling technologies for many recent advances in medical devices, instruments and diagnostics. Optikos solutions in the medical device and diagnostics industries have included:

  • Endoscopes of all types
  • OCT systems
  • Fluorescence-based diagnostic systems
  • Fluorescence-based cell imaging systems
  • Gene sequencing instruments
  • Dose measurement (radiation, e.g., x-ray and gamma ray)
  • Contact and intraocular lenses
  • Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS), and more

Optikos optically-based solutions in the medical devices and diagnostics industry has included:

  • Single-use disposable optical system for out-patient arthroscopic procedures with an affordable, mass-produced molded lens
  • Handheld fluorescence imaging system to identify and extract cancer and other diseased tissues with clean margins
  • Production metrology systems used by a market leader in DNA sequencing and fluorescence imaging
  • Design for production and FDA (510K) certification of miniature stereoscopic surgical visualization system and electronics
  • Design and prototype of camera and imaging window for a minimally invasive instrument used in pediatric heart surgery
  • Fully qualified illumination, imaging, and focus monitoring for gene sequencing sub-systems
  • High-speed, spectrally variable light engine to provide illumination for a microscopy system used to evaluate diseased tissue pathology
  • A real-time image processing surgical microscope that overlays enhanced imagery on the surgical field
  • Low-cost, single-use video endoscope

Optikos can assist in bringing new devices to market, including navigating strict regulations, clinical trials, and technological challenges associated with product prototype and production manufacturing. For more information, complete our contact form or call us at +1 617-354-7557.

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