Optics in Consumer Products Enhance and Enrich Daily Life

Optics and photonics technologies are not always visible in daily life, but are present in most things we touch and use everyday. From the early development of lenses by ancient Egyptians, to modern optics that entertain us in products such as high-definition TV's, these technologies will continue to transform our lives in unforeseeable ways.

Our product designs and metrology solutions have been used in:

  • Thermal imaging systems
  • Night vision products
  • Toys
  • Binoculars
  • Rifle scopes
  • Cameras
  • Smartphones
  • Computers
  • Webcams
  • Security devices, and much more

Optikos designs have been used in hundreds of millions of products worldwide. In a 1996 survey, it was estimated that one-half of American households owned a product that Optikos helped develop. From early products developed with Polaroid and toy companies, Fisher-Price and Mattel, Optikos designs have helped attain a level of performance in consumer products that was previously unavailable using traditional designs and materials.

Our involvement in our clients' large-volume manufacturing of consumer products includes not only optical design and prototyping engineering expertise, but also experience sourcing low-cost parts, ensuring functionality, implementing image quality production testing and quality control processes, and knowledge of regulatory constraints, safety requirements, and supply chain considerations.

Our optical systems and sub-systems have included an array of:

  • Technologies
  • Characteristics
  • Injection-molded components
  • Diffraction-limited resolution
  • Aspherics
  • Free-form optical surfaces
  • Fresnel lenses
  • Diffractive lenses, and more

Optikos can assist in design, prototyping, production testing, manufacturing and material sourcing to help bring new products to market that meet cost, efficiency and profitability requirements. For more information, complete our contact form or call us at +1 617-354-7557.

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