Calibrating The Thermal Camera

As thermal cameras gain ground in the commercial market, testing becomes critical Dr. David A. Imrie, Optikos Corp. Thermal imaging, once the domain of the defense sector, is finding applications in a number of commercial and medical fields. As more manufacturers join the thermal camera … [Read more...]

How to Measure MTF

1 How to Measure MTF and other Properties of Lenses Optikos Corporation 107 Audubon Rd Bldg 3 Wakefield, MA 01880 USA (617) 354-7557 e-mail July 16, 1999 © Optikos Corporation, 1999 All Rights Reserved Rev. 2.0 #4-04-001 2 3 Introduction With … [Read more...]

Why Measure MTF?

Why measure MTF?   By Peter T. Carellas and Stephen D. Fantone   Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) has been also­ cited with measurement of performance of optical systems from the initial introduction of linear system analysis to this field. As the demand for higher quality, … [Read more...]

Evaluating and Comparing Camera Performance

Camera Performance Picture 5

By: Dr. Stephen D. Fantone, Dr. David Imrie and Dr. Jian Zhang With cameras being used in applications ranging from consumer products such as PDAs, automotive rear viewing systems, and medical devices to military applications including thermal imaging and ranging systems, how does one rationally … [Read more...]

Finding Focus

The choice of criterion for determining best focus depends on the application. BY ROY YOUMAN When testing lenses and optical systems, it is best to simulate the conditions of use while testing. Set the object conjugate correctly (infinite or finite), choose the correct spectral content of the … [Read more...]